Boldly Before the Throne of Grace // Praying to the God Who Takes Away Shame

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16, KJV).

When we persist in carrying around shame, we are actually carrying around in us a weapon for Satan to use against us. Our adversary loves it when we let shame keep us from realizing the forgiveness we have in Christ because he knows that it makes us weak and keeps us from believing in the power of God to save, restore, and redeem all the broken pieces of our lives. He knows that when we walk in shame, it is more likely that we will be overcome with discouragement and give up. 

But turning to God and His people when we feel shame can change all that. God has given us direct access to His Throne through His Son – allowing us to come to Him boldly (Hebrews 4:16). Realizing that God forgives us of our sins lifts the burden of the past that so many of us are carrying. We need to believe that He saves us to the uttermost (Hebrews 7:25).

God wants us to have an abundant life, free from shame and full of praise – but we can only live like that when we access and accept His forgiveness. He can give us new robes of pure white, leaving us spotless, stainless, sinless, shameless – but we need to live in this truth, pray like we believe it, and let Him take away all our shame as we come to Him in humility and repentance.

// Things to Consider when Praying for God to Take Away Your Shame

  1. What shame have I been holding on to? What things are causing you to be ashamed? Be specific. 
  2. Is this shame caused by an unrepented of sin that I need to confess? If so, make sure that you petition Him for forgiveness also. He is able to save, but not when there is sin separating you (Isaiah 59:1, 2). If not, pray for greater understanding of His forgiveness.
  3. What has God done in order to take away my shame? Reflect on the passages that talk of His great sacrifice. He didn’t sacrifice Himself for you to live a life shacked to shame – He sacrificed Himself so that you could be free. Let your prayer be saturated in praise for all He has done to make that possible.

// PRAYER \\

Oh God,

I’m thankful that you take away my shame. Shame brings me to you, but I am so very grateful that once I’ve come to your presence, my shame is then left at your feet. I can discard my shroud of darkness and be enrobed in pure white. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Release me, Oh Lord God, for those things that cause me to have shame in your sight. Give me the wisdom, to recognize when I have committed trespasses and bring them immediately and specifically to your throne. Remove from me the pride that keeps me from repentance. Forgive me when I sin against you (be specific here in your own prayer).  

Help me to realize your forgiveness and not let shame for all my past, repented of, and forgiven sins take away my joy. Instead, let my joy in my salvation be restored and let me have the peace of knowing that with you I will overcome all my struggles and gain the final victory.

Redeem this part of my story. Let me use the redemption You give me to bring glory to you. Let me live a life of praise to you – and let me live it out loud so that all know that it is You and only You who has redeemed me.

Give me the strength to persevere and to not be overcome with discouragement when I fail, O God. As I live a life pursuing your ways, lift up my head. Let me walk fully in the truth that You are the Giver of Grace and King of All – and that nothing and no one in this world can take away the hope and joy that You give me. 

Give me the wisdom to know how to avoid committing those sins in the future that are such a temptation to me. Help give me the time and opportunity to learn. Bring teachers into my life to correct me, and give me the humility to accept their correction when it comes along and the wisdom to know truth from error.

Lead me to people who will allow me to be vulnerable and authentic with my struggles – people who will wipe my tears and lift up my head while encouraging me to pursue faithfulness and purity – people who will speak Your truth to me. 

Cover me with the blood of your Son and let me continue my walk with you in the light, Oh Lord. Thank you so much for all You have brought about through Your divine wisdom to make this prayer possible – for the extra time you have given me on this earth and for the Word which is a lamp to my feet along the way.

In His Holy name,


// Scriptures to Focus On:

“For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His steadfast love toward those who fear Him; as far as the east is from the west, so far does He remove our transgressions from us. As a Father shows compassion to His children, so the LORD shows compassion to those who fear Him. For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust” (Psalm 103:11-14).

“And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the LORD your God, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed” (Joel 2:27).

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin […] If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:7, 9).

“For it stands in Scripture: “Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone, a cornerstone chosen and precious, and whoever believes in him will not be put to shame” (1 Peter 2:6)

“Consequently, he is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them” (Hebrews 7:25).

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working” (James 5:16). 

. . . . . . . . .

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