Kathy Pollard: Becoming a Woman of the Word

This woman is a woman of the Word. As I am looking for the “winners,” and while looking for a woman who is a winner in Bible study, one need look no further than to Kathy Pollard.

Kathy blogs at Life and Favor. I always enjoy reading what she has to say, but I have to say that I am especially refreshed, encouraged, and inspired by how much of a student of the Bible this woman is. One of her specialties is “Bible Marking,” which involves an in depth study of the Scriptures, guided by Kathy’s instructions. Two of the topics she has included in her blog have been “Marriage Builders from Proverbs,” and “Why Good People Suffer.” Some great topics and deep stuff. Get over there and gain some wisdom from this wonderful example of a woman!

So below is my Question and Answer session with Kathy Pollard. Make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and soak in the wisdom to be gained from this worthy woman’s great advice!


Kathy Pollard: Becoming a Woman of the Word

Chantelle: Please tell me and the readers a bit about yourself.

Kathy: I grew up loving the Lord’s church. My father was a preacher, my mother was a SAHM and Bible class teacher, and they never criticized the church or her members. I believe that’s why I wanted to marry a preacher and continue spending as much time as possible with God’s family.

I met my husband Neal at Faulkner University. After our first date, I called my parents and said, “I found the man I’m going to marry!” Neal preaches for the Bear Valley church of Christ in Denver, CO. We have three sons (ages 20, 18, and 16) who keep us young. I enjoy going on short-term mission trips, teaching in the Women’s Program at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, and being one of the directors of Higher Ground Encampment (a Bible camp for teen girls).

Chantelle: What have you done to further your Bible knowledge that you would recommend for the readers?

Kathy: The greatest help for my personal Bible study has been taking classes at BVBID. “Biblical Exegesis,” taught by Denny Petrillo, gave me new insight into how to really study. Truly, it changed my entire approach to Bible study. Many of BVBID’s courses can be found online so anyone can take advantage of this great resource!

Chantelle: Why do you believe it is so important for woman to know the Bible as well as men?

Kathy: Great question! Women need to take ownership of their faith. Since “faith comes by hearing the Word of God” (Romans 10:17), a deep, genuine faith requires deep study. Our faith is tested by trials (James 1:2,3). Trials come to everyone, men and women. If we want to endure those trials, we’ll need our own solid faith. We can’t rely on someone else’s faith to get us through. Also, our spirituality is only as deep as our study. If we don’t spend serious time in the Word, our level of spirituality will be shallow and superficial. The Bible blesses individually those who study!

Chantelle: What are some Bible resources every woman should have?

Kathy: First and foremost, every woman should own a reliable word-for-word translation of the Bible. In addition, my favorite study helps are a Bible atlas, a good expository dictionary of Old & New Testament words, an archaeological study Bible (for fascinating information about the culture, customs, and historical evidences), and especially Logos. Logos is a Bible software that puts an entire library at your fingertips (commentaries, Greek/ Hebrew words, word searches, etc.).

Chantelle: What process do you undertake when creating your bible marking topics?

Kathy: For Bible-marking, I start by listening. What are my children, friends, wayward members, or neighbors asking? The goal of Bible-marking is to be able to study with others as the opportunity arises. I want to be prepared to study about things that concern those with whom I come in contact. I also get ideas from sermons and Bible classes. I jot down ideas as I get them so I won’t forget. The next step is to begin searching for texts that deal with the subject. I think it’s very important to make sure a verse isn’t taken out of context so the bulk of the time is spent looking for applicable passages. Then I organize them in a way that I think makes sense, underlining key phrases and making notes in the margins.

Chantelle: How do you find time to study for yourself?

Kathy: Personal Bible study time has changed through the years. When my boys were little, it was much more challenging. Bible time with them became my only study time. I soon learned to commit to teaching a Bible class. That kept me on task and sorta forced me to spend more time in the Word. Now that my boys are older, I try to keep Bible study as a priority, as something I do, as if it were a job description (if that makes sense). Otherwise, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the busyness and distractions of life.

Chantelle: What is your favourite Bible verse and why?

Kathy: My favorite verse is Psalm 18:30:

“As for God, His way is perfect; the Word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.”

I write this verse on graduation cards so young people will remember to rely on the Word. I share this verse with nonChristians in hopes they’ll seek it. For me personally, it’s a reminder that God’s way is always the best way.


– – – – – –

Kathy blogs at Life and Favor. Get over there, show her some love and learn something from this worthy woman! I know I have learnt a lot from this.

Question: What advice has been most useful to you in developing good Bible study habits?

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3 thoughts on “Kathy Pollard: Becoming a Woman of the Word

  1. Thank you for sharing. I especially appreciate this nugget, “Also, our spirituality is only as deep as our study. If we don’t spend serious time in the Word, our level of spirituality will be shallow and superficial.”


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