Falling In Love: My Valentine’s Story

Flowers, roses, chocolates, sweet words and fancy dinners are all part of today for most people with wonderful, romantic husbands and boyfriends who aren’t afraid (a.k.a.-aren’t too cheap) to buy into a little bit of commercialism for their better half’s happiness. Fortunately, I am one of those women who has one of those romantic husbands—so we enjoyed a lovely weekend “staycation” at a fancy hotel in city Singapore and I was surprised with a necklace and earrings set that had ruby red hearts in settings of silver.

My man sure does know how to make me love him. ❤ 
Valentine’s Day is not only a day for me to enjoy the romantic spoiling of my incredible husband, but this day holds a deeper significance to me. I am reminded every Valentine’s Day of the only, one, true love of my life. I suppose that that is because it was in fact this very day exactly four years ago that I decided to give my life to him. I remember the occasion very clearly, as I suppose we all do. It was a Sunday night, and I had been thinking about committing to him for a while now. I had wanted to give my life to him, but I was afraid. Could I be the kind of person he wants me to be? Is this really what I want? I had been unsure, but somehow something that was said by my husband in a sermon pulled at my heart strings and I had to respond. It was on February the 14th, 2010 that I decided to be baptised into Christ and live my life anew for Him. My husband and I went down to the river directly and I was immersed. 
Since then, I have noticed my love for Christ grow deeper. As I grow in my knowledge of Him I realise more of what He has done for me and I appreciate Him all the more. As I live out a life of faith I see how many blessings He has given me and I cannot help but be thankful. As I practice and apply what I have learnt I see the wisdom in the way of life He wishes us to lead and I cannot help but praise Him. As I talk to Him and pour out my heart I know He is listening and I have peace and comfort.
It is has not been an easy process, and there have been times when I have stumbled and lusted after the things that the world can provide me—but as I strive to pick myself up and try again I realise His infinite love and forgiveness, and that makes me love Him all the more.
Is it not the same with every relationship? 
The more we know about somebody, the more appreciation we have for gifts, the closer connection we gain through communication, the more we realise that they want what is best for us and the more trust we build through trials—the more bulletproof the relationship comes. 
How can we develop a deeper relationship and “fall more in love” with Christ? Here are some suggestions I have:
No man is going to want to keep giving to a woman who never appreciates what he does. Thankfully and amazingly, God never stops giving us blessings—even when we forget to thank Him (Matthew 5:45). This should work to grow in us an even deeper level of gratitude for His blessings which He gives so freely. If you are stuck trying to think of all the blessings He has given you, then that’s easy—just look around and look for the good things in your life. If it is good, He’s given it to you (James 1:17)! Just as when we think about all the good things about our partners brings about feelings of love and appreciation; thinking about Christ and all He has done for us will do the same.
My mother once said to me, “the person who says sorry first wins.” This is true in marriage—and true every time with Christ. Before we say sorry, there is a wall between us and the person we have offended. When we come to Christ with a humble attitude, He will forgive us every time (1 John 1:7-9). Realising that He will always forgive no matter how much we have done to hurt Him will further our appreciation for who He is and what He has done.
As with any relationship, the more you know about someone, the closer you become and the more you know how to make them happy. If we love someone, it should be that making them happy makes us happy. We become Christ’s friend when we do what He says (John 15:14), so knowing what He wants us to do is essential! Don’t just read the Bible–really get to know it. Read for understanding. There are so many excellent resources now that we have no excuse not to know Him. Digging Deep in God’s Word is one great tool for women to study and learn together long distance. Through knowing more about Him and His word we will truly build an appreciation for His wisdom and greatness and a longing to be with Him in Heaven one day.
No relationship is going to last very long unless there is a good two-way communication going. How would we like it if our husbands only spoke to us for a minute before we went to bed every night? It is the same way with God. We hear Him through His word, but then we must offer Him our praises, requests and thanksgiving in return (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Through having a constant communication with Him, you will have your eyes open more to what He does for you in your life and your trust, faith and love will grow. 
Who holds all of your heart this Valentine’s Day?
❤ Chantelle

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